122 Law Students urge Supreme Court to reconsider Prashant Bhushan Judgment

122 Law Students urge Supreme Court to reconsider Prashant Bhushan Judgment

New Delhi:

Under a stringent law on students across the country, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (CJI) SA Bobde and other Supreme Court judges have written to senior advocate Prashant Bhushan to pronounce judgment in the contempt case.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court convicted Mr. Bhushan of contempt of court over his tweets and reserved his order on the quantum of sentence. The apex court is due to be sentenced on Monday.

In the letter, around 122 law students made an emotional appeal to the CJI and other judges to reconsider the sentence against Prashant Bhushan in the case.

“The judiciary must respond to criticism by restoring public confidence. The judiciary must change its case and respond to criticism. The judiciary should not be accused of contempt of court when criticism arises from suffering and justice. Loves for, from one. The letter states that a person living in the same depth of justice prays for others.

Law students said they have seen Mr. Bhushan in the courts fighting for transparency, accountability, environmental protection and human rights against corruption for years.

His contribution to our fraternity and nation-building is undoubtedly nurtured by all in the legal fraternity, the open letter said.

He said that the two tweets which Mr. Bhushan had blamed for contempt have expressed anguish for the voiceless and marginalized community. The letter stated that these tweets do not hurt the sanctity of the court as it depends on the attitude of judges towards justice.

“I feel quite, with sage silence, the shafts of acid speech: how hard it is to resist, and, how appropriate it is to bow to the temptation of logic, where thorns do not, rose, triumph. In contempt jurisdiction. “There is silence. Our power is wide and we are prosecutors and judges,” the law students said in the letter, quoting a judgment by retired judge Justice VK Iyer.

Law students further noted that to be objectively critical of the judge, despite being twice blessed in a democracy, is not a crime.

Prashant Bhushan was convicted by the Supreme Court on two tweets, first posted on June 29, related to his comment / post on a photo of CJI SA Bobde on a high-end bike.

In his second tweet, Mr. Bhushan expressed his opinion on the role of the last four CJIs amidst the state of affairs in the country. Meanwhile, another contempt of court case against Prashant Bhushan is pending before the Supreme Court.