Blue Revolution



    India has a long history in aquaculture, references available from Kautilya’s Arthashastra (321–300 B.C.) and King Someswara’s Manasoltara (1127 A.D.) about fish culture. Fish farming in small ponds have existed for hundreds of years in eastern part of India; West Bengal has made significant advances in early 19th Century by controlled breeding for carps in (baandh) dams. Tamilnadu has received notable attention in fish culture in early 1911 followed by various states of India. Government of India has initiated fish culture through fisheries departments and support to fishers and farmers.


    A progressive fish farmer from UP, running his farm (PVRAQUA) from past 2 years with primary search in this sector. Myself Rajnish Kumar has left the job after service in telecom sector for 14 years. I am happy with growth, progress & success in present scenario.
    Working in Aquaculture with Vision of 300+ acre farming in down line 5 years & focus to enhance the per-capita consumption. India per-capita consumption is 6.5 kg compare to 20 kg globally, this can be achieved by adding fish farming.

    Reason to choose aquaculture ( Agriculture allied ) project

    1. Operational cost centric business with profit margin of 50%.
    2. Huge difference between consumption & Production approx. 8 MMT.
    3. India contributes 70% production from Inland / fresh water & 30% from Marine fishery with 10-12% average annually growth.
    4. In South Asia / Africa tentative 400 million people’s 50% diet protein comes from fish only .
    5. Market Place created, 1k CR Industry as of now out of which 45k CR export shrimps .
    6. As per Food Agriculture Organization dip by 13% in Marine fishery globally and shifted to Inland /Fresh water fishery and short fall of 50-80 MT by 2030 in Sea food.
    7. PVRAQUA providing education / support for up lift ment of farmers in livelihood by their training and consultancy programs.
    8. We are providing end to end solutions in Aquaculture Industry from seed stocking to harvesting in simple language Fish culture one roof solution.