Do you know why our country is called INDIA/BHARAT?

    Do you know why our country is called INDIA/BHARAT?
    Do you know why our country is called INDIA/BHARAT?

    Hello friends as we all know that our country is called INDIA and BHARAT.

    Generally, people differentiate it by stating that in English, we call our country as INDIA and in Hindi as BHARAT. But here our focus will be on the reasons why we call our nation INDIA and BHARAT.

    Name INDIA is basically originated or driven from the name of the ancient river SINDHU (locally called),i.e. INDUS river. It is the longest river in Asia, originating in the Tibetan Plateau in the vicinity of Lake Mansarovar, the river runs through LADAKH and then flows the entire length of Pakistan to merge into the ARABIAN sea, near the port city of Karachi in Sindh. It’s also the longest river in Pakistan. Hence the name INDIA is driven from INDUS RIVER ( during the 5th century-9,000 years ago).


    Name  BHARAT which was selected as the name of our country in 1950 originated or drove from the name of Emperor BHARATA. According to Indian literature of Sanskrit, famous writer KALIDASA written, “ Abhigyana Shakuntalam” in which Emperor Dushyanta and his wife Shakuntala was in the main roleplay. Shakuntala was the daughter of  Rishi-Vishwamitra Menaka. Emperor BHARATA was the son of Dushyanta & Shakuntala. His story is well described in Hindu grantha ‘Mahabharata also. Emperor BHARATA was from PURU family (पुरु वंश). Hence on the name of Emperor BHARATA (who was also famous for uniting India during his tenure) we call our country as BHARAT. 

    Emperor Dushyant-and-Shakuntala

    And as per another ancient history or puranic passage (पुराणों) of Hindu grantha- Vishnu Purana/Skand Purana/The Shree Matbhagavat Purana etc the BHARAT is derived from the name of BHARATA CHAKRAWARTI who was the son of RISHABHADEVA. He was the son of Nabhiraj & Marudevi. RISHABHADEVA is the first Tirthankara (Ford maker) of Jainism. He was bored in Ayodhya and from Ichhavak family(इक्ष्वाकु वंश) . He was married to Sunanda and Sumagla. Sumagla had 99 sons including BHARATA & one daughter named Brahmi. Sunanda had one son and one daughter named as Bahubali & Sundari respectivelyHence as per this story the name of our country BHARAT  is derived from the name of  ‘BHARATA CHAKRAWARTI, son of ‘RISHABHADEVA & SUMAGLA’.


    Apart from this our country is also known as ‘Aryavart’,’Hind’,’Hindustan‘ but now it’s called as ” The Republic of India (भारत गणराज्य) .”

    ✍️ Deepak Dixit

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