Bansuri (Flute) for dummies



    Bansuri or flute is known to be oldest musical instrument on earth and is believed to be originated from INDIA. It has many names like Venu, Banshi, Murli, Banjli etc.

    There are evidences of flutes made from bones of animals. This establishes the fact that apart from earning bread and butter for the survival of humans, music was always part of human life. Like all instruments, Indian flute too has both pros and cons from a beginner’s point of view.


    1. Cheaper than other instruments
    2. Small in size so easy to carry along
    3. Minimal maintenance required
    4. Has spiritual flavor
    5. Has meditative benefits


    1. Fragile in nature depending upon the quality of bamboo
    2. Has only 2.5 musical octaves
    3. Player need to have multiple flutes in order to accompany with orchestra
    4. Hard to find tuned flutes
    5. Hard to stay in pitch during playing

    If you have decided to learn bansuri then there are many ways in which one can proceed.

    • Find a formal bansuri Guru near you (Highly recommended)
    • Learn from YouTube
    • Learn from Online teacher
    • Learn from someone you know or is approachable but who doesn’t qualify as a formal Guru

    Now from my 25 years of experience in flute playing I suggest one who can’t play Transverse or side flute or is a total newbie should start with Fipple or straight flute.

    Get a tuned flute from any Online shopping site and start practicing.