Kala Jamun Recipe

    Kala Jamun
    Kala Jamun

    Kala Jamun What is the first thing that comes in your mind when talking about Indian dessert??? Most of the answers will be Gulab jamun as it’s the most loved Indian dessert.

    But exceptionally I am not fond of Gulab jamun, instead, I am very fond of another member of that family.

    You got it right”, KALA  JAMUN”.I am sure many of you must have started drooling J So here I am with my recipe of soft and juicy KALA JAMUN…

    Ingredients for balls

    1. Khoya/Mawa: 1 cup(I used homemade)
    2. Chenna/paneer: ½ cup(I used homemade)
    3. Maida /plain flour: ½ cup
    4. Oil: for frying
    5. Cooking soda: a generous pinch
    6. INGREDIENTS: sugar syrup/chaasni
    7. Sugar: 2 cups
    8. Water: 1.5 cups


    1. Take khoya in a big plate and mash it.
    2. Add chenna and mash it too.
    3. Now add maida & soda and knead the dough till smooth. (if required, add milk)
    4. Now divide it into equal portions, it will be around 14-16 balls.
    5. Heat oil/ghee in a deep kadhai, on medium heat.
    6. Fry the balls on medium to low heat, until it turns black in color.
    7. Meanwhile, prepare the sugar syrup.
    8. Add sugar and water in a pan, put on low flame only till the sugar fully dissolves in the water.
    9. Switch off the flame after the half boil.
    10. Add balls into the sugar syrup, immediately after taking out from the kadhai.
    11. Cover it and leave for at least 3-4 hours.
    12. Now enjoy your soft and juicy KALA JAMUN.

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