Malai Paneer Samosa

    Malai Paneer Samosa
    Malai Paneer Samosa

    Last summer I visited my sister in Gurgaon, and she ordered samosas for us from a samosawala shop, which used to sell not only aloo samosa but a variety of different samosas. It was then when I came across this unique samosa [MALAI PANEER SAMOSA]. Since then it has become my favorite

    After coming back to Noida I searched for the shop in the same name but could not find one, probably because they don’t have a chain. The taste was too good to give up on, so I figured I would give the recipe a try myself at home.

    So yesterday armed solely with the vague memory of the taste buds I did and if I may say so myself, it did turn out well in the very first attempt.

    I am sharing the recipe I arrived at below. The ingredients are simple enough that you can try it for yourself at home.

    INGREDIENTS for stuffing

    Paneer: 1 cup (diced)

    Green chili: 1finely chopped

    Onion: 1/2cup (diced)

    Capsicum: 1.5 tbsp

    Oil: 1 tbsp

    Salt: 1/2 tsp/as per taste

    Black pepper powder: a generous pinch

    INGREDIENTS: for cover

    Maida/plain flour/all-purpose flour: 2 cups

    Oil: 1/4 cup

    Salt: 1tsp/as per taste

    Baking soda: a pinch

    Oil: for frying samosas


    Heat oil in a pan, add green chili, onion, capsicum and sauté until the onion becomes translucent.

    Add fresh cream (I used Amul fresh cream) and sauté for 2-3 minutes

    Then add salt and black pepper and sauté till mixture achieves thickness, switch off the flame and let it cool.

    Take Maida in a bowl, add salt, soda, and mix.

    Add oil, crumble &mix.

    Add water and knead the stiff dough, apply oil, cover it, and keep aside for 20 minutes.

    After 20 minutes, knead the dough again and cut into 4 equal parts.

    Take one part, roll into an oval shape and cut into half.

    Apply water to the edges, take both the corners and overlap (refer to the video)

    Now fill the stuffing in the cone and seal the open edges together (refer to the video for the right shape)

    Fill all the samosas in a similar way, and fry on low medium flame, till golden in color

    Your malai paneer samosa is ready to serve, bon appetite!


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