Ashok Gehlot again to shift MLAs, colleges “horse-trading rates up”

Ashok Gehlot again to shift MLAs, colleges

Jaipur / New Delhi:

About 100 Rajasthan Congress MLAs staying in a hotel near Jaipur are likely to be taken to another city today by a special flight after Sachin Pilot sparked a revolt against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.
MLA – Ashok Gehlot claims that the support of 172 will be kept in a separate place till August 14, when the Rajasthan assembly starts.

The chief minister is reportedly getting ready to face a confidence vote in the session, which was rejected by Governor Kalraj Mishra on several proposals. Neither Ashok Gehlot nor the Congress have officially suggested a test of strength, even though it is central to their strategy to counter insurgents who are threatening the existence of the government.

Yesterday, the Chief Minister expressed doubts over his allegations that the rebel camp of Sachin Pilot is helping to corner the BJP MLAs. He said that the “rate of legislators” had increased since the announcement of the assembly session.

“After the announcement of the assembly session last night, the horse trading rates have increased. First, the first installment was Rs 10 crore and the second was Rs 15 crore. Now it has become unlimited and everyone knows that horse- Who is doing business., ”Mr. Ashok Gehlot told reporters.

Mr. Gehlot, eager to prove a majority, wanted a session from today, but ultimately the governor agreed to the condition of 21 days’ notice.

As the governor approved his fourth resolution, Mr. Ashok Gehlot said he was confident about his majority and could prove it at any time, after “21 days or 31 days”.

The Chief Minister who protects his flock believes that he can win the confidence vote at this time. He has a narrow leadership – with a majority mark of 101 in the 200-member assembly.

The rebels contest the election and insist that at least 30 MLAs are in their favor. So far, only 19, including Sachin Pilot, have made it official.

The court case on six former Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLAs who merged with Congress may have influenced Mr. Ashok Gehlot influence. The Rajasthan High Court yesterday served notice to the petitions challenging the merger by BSP and BJP.

On Team Pilot yesterday, legislators said they would participate in the session. Rebel MLAs told NDTV, “Of course, we will participate in it.”

If the rebels do not attend the session, they will be disqualified for whipping the party.

They are currently fighting to disqualify Speaker CP Joshi on the basis of a Congress complaint alleging anti-party activity.

If they go home and vote against the Congress government, Gehlot may be in a big crisis. The rebels will be disqualified for defying their party’s whip, but the majority of votes against the government will fall according to government rules.