Don’t show like Singham, PM Modi to police officers

Don't show like Singham, PM Modi to police officers


New police officers should not be influenced by films like “Singham” in which supercops play, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today, some police personnel want to show-off first, but remember the main aspects of policing We do.

Addressing the 2018 batch of IPS probationers at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy through video conferencing, he also cautioned them not to indulge in wrongdoings and said that they would get into troubles with the latest techniques, which would lead to better policing. Are also useful in

“Some of the policemen joining the new duty want to show off first … scare people … and shun anti-social elements from hearing my name …. to see movies like” Singham ” After this, it ends, PM Modi said that his mind and because of this there is a need to complete the works which have been left out.

In response to a female probationer, PM Modi praised the people of Kashmir, saying that they are ‘lovely’ people and have special ability to learn new things.

“I am very attached to these people. They treat you very lovingly … We all have to work together to prevent children from going in the wrong direction.

“And this can be done efficiently by our female police officers. Our female force can effectively work in educating mothers and bringing back those children. I believe that if you do, in the early stages Only we can stop our children from joining it. Wrong path, “PM Modi said.

He was clearly referring to the youth being radicalized and joining militant groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Prime Minister also emphasized on Constabulary Intelligence for effective policing.

Nowadays technology plays an important role in detecting crime, be it CCTV footage, mobile tracking… it helps you a lot. But, the same technology is also responsible for the suspension of police personnel nowadays …, PM Modi warns

He said that the way technology is helpful is also causing trouble (difficulty) … and the police are more responsible for it.

He further said that police officers need to train people to see how technology can be used in a positive way with maximum and positive data and artificial intelligence, social media were new age technologies which are better used Can be used as weapons for policing.

The “humanitarian” side of the police force in the country surfaced during the coronovirus epidemic and security personnel did a commendable job.

During coronovirus time, the police used to sing songs to create awareness, feed the poor and take patients.

These scenes were seen by people … During the coronovirus, humanity worked through khaki uniforms, he said.

Responding to a Tamil Nadu cadet on the management of tension among police personnel, PM Modi said that if there is an unwanted change in the rain, farmers also face stress.

He also said that yoga and pranayama were great ways to relieve stress.

PM Modi said that police stations should be made clean and tidy.

Asking the police personnel to respect the power of the society, he said that the officers should take advantage of the inherent power of the society to achieve citizen-friendly objectives.

131 probationers, including 28 women of the Indian Police Service of the 2018 batch, successfully completed their training at the academy.