Easy Curbs, Complacency Adds To Covid-19 Surge In India, Sets Record

Easy Curbs, Complacency Adds To Covid-19 Surge In India, Sets Record

New Delhi:

78,761 new coronovirus cases were reported in India in the last 24 hours – the largest single-day spike in infections in the world – government data showed that the total number of cases in the country was 3.5 million on Sunday morning.

An increase in coronovirus cases in India – this is the fourth consecutive day to record more than 70,000 new cases and the eighth with more than 60,000 – attributed to the resumption of economic and commercial activity, and increased testing, medical. The experts were quoted by the news agency PTI.

For further concern, an expert told PTI, the following guidelines were scorned, including wearing face masks in public places and social disturbances.

The head of the communicable diseases department at ICMR, Dr. Sameeran Panda said, “With the opening of the economy … people are seeing complacency following Kovid-appropriate behavior, which is also contributing to the increase in cases.” (Indian Council of Medical Research) told PTI.

The reopening of public spaces and economic activity – a move that was necessitated by the state of the Indian economy after months of lockdown – continued with “Unlock 4” last night – the fourth phase of loosening restrictions.

Metro services have been banned under the “Unlock 4” guidelines because congested stations and trains make it easier to spread the infectious virus – allowed. The Delhi Metro, which claims to transport around 1.5 million people per day, has given strict guidelines to reduce connectivity.

Hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, religious spaces and gyms – all characteristically high footfalls and contact areas – have also reopened, though with restrictions in place, in previous “unlocked” stages.

The focus on “discipline” and adhering to Kovid’s guidelines – an important point as more and more of the country has opened – was reinforced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today during his monthly radio address, Mann Ki Baat.

Prime Minister emphasized Kovid “discipline” during his Mann Ki Baat address

“Coronoviruses will be defeated only when you follow the safety measures. The two-meter distance criteria must be strictly followed,” the Prime Minister said, although he did not touch the increase in fresh cases.

Meanwhile, Dr Panda also pointed out that the increase in cases was the “inevitable result” of the Kovid test.

India conducted a record 10.5 lakh tests in one day (Sunday), the government today said according to PTI that the total number of tests has now crossed 4.14 crore. The government said the “exponential jump” resulted in an “upsurge” in the test per million figure – 30,044.

According to the news agency AFP, the figure is, however, the second of the ten most affected countries in the epidemic.

Virologist, Shahid Jamil, head of the Wellcome Trust / DBT India Alliance, told AFP, “India has the second lowest of the top 10 (virus-infected) countries per million tested – out of 30,000 – in Mexico. Mexico is the lowest at around 10,000. . “

India conducted 10.5 lakh COVID-19 tests on Sunday, the government said

Experts have also warned that the increase in testing – and India has stepped up testing in the past weeks – is encouraging, with more to be done to catch the scale of the epidemic in the world’s second most populous country.

The government, which has criticized the opposition for tackling the crisis, has said that India’s kesoelad and deadly is among the lowest in the world when it is seen against every one million population.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the country has made considerable progress in curbing the outbreak of COVID-19 despite being resource-constrained and densely populated.

India is now embarrassing three million cases from Brazil in the list of worst affected nations; The South American country ranks second on that list, behind the United States in the first case with some 21 million cases.

Given the rate at which infection is increasing – more new coronovirus cases have been reported daily since August 4 than any other country – India is likely to move to Brazil within a week.