Government paves the way for the return of seafarers COVID-19, issues guidelines for crew change


New Delhi: The government has come up with guidelines for crew changes at Indian ports, a move that would lead to stuck sailors and difficulty in paving the way for their return home.
Under the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), any seafarer will be allowed sign-on at the embankment port only after testing for COVID-19, which has been found to be negative, guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Action will be taken as per.

Shipping Minister Mansukh Lal Mandavia said in a statement on Wednesday, “With the issuance of SOP by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the change of crew at seaports will now be possible. This will cause hardships to thousands of seafarers.”

“Changing the shipwreck (seafarer) is an important measure for the operation of the merchant’s vessels. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an SOP… Designed this SOP to streamline the sign-in / sign-off of Indian sailors.” Has gone. Ports for merchant shipping vessels, “the Ministry of Shipping said in the statement.

For sign-on, the ship’s owner and Recruitment and Placement Services (RPS) agency will identify Indian seafarers to join a ship, according to SOP.

As per the procedure laid down by DGS (Directorate General of Shipping), the seaplane will familiarize the shipowner / RPS agency with its voyage and contact history for the last 28 days. The CFR will be investigated by the DGS. Approved Medical Examiners, as per the guidelines laid down for this purpose. At the same time, Seifer will also be investigated, and his travel and contact history for the past 28 days was investigated, ”according to SOP.

Local authorities in the area where the seafarer resides will be informed of his approval for sign-on and are asked to issue a transit pass from the aboard to the abode.

“The transit pass for such movement for the road, for the seafarer and a driver, may be issued by the government of the state/union territory where the seafarer resides. The transit pass (and the frog) for a certain route and ) Will be issued. With specified validity and must be strictly adhered to. Such transit pass shall be awarded by the State / UT authorities along the transit route. Will be headed, “it added.

It states that social disturbances and other hygiene norms will, according to standard health protocols, be followed by a vehicle carrying the seafarer to its destination.
Similarly, for sign-off, the master of a coastal vessel coming from any foreign port or from an Indian port while arriving at the port of call in India, will ascertain the health status of each person onboard the vessel and Submit a maritime declaration of health to the port’s health officers and to the port authorities.

In addition, information required by the local health authorities of the port, such as temperature charts and personal health declarations, will also be provided by the master according to the instructions of the port’s health officials.

The Port Health Officer will deliver the vessel to the vessel prior to berthing as per the required health protocol.

“Indian seafarers arriving aboard ship must undergo COVID-19 test to confirm that it is negative for COVID-19. After disbanding and until seafarer reaches the test facility, the port premises Within, it will be ensured. By the shipowner that all safety precautions are followed according to standard health protocols, “according to SOP.

The statement stated that if the cipher is found to be negative of COVID-19 and signed, local authorities in the area where the seafarer unaffiliated will be informed of his approval for sign-off, and To issue a transit pass from place to place. His place of residence