India’s first air corridor: IndiGo flies plasma from Bengaluru to COVID-19 patient in Srinagar


New Delhi:

Two bags of complexes for the COVID-19 patient were transported by IndiGo on connecting flights from Bangalore to Srinagar today.

Indigo said in a press release, “The plasma was first flown by a connecting flight from Bangalore to Delhi on 6E 363 and Srinagar 6E 2486 to Delhi.”

The low-cost carrier mentioned that the plasma was transferred for more than eight hours and successfully delivered at the government hospital in Srinagar on Tuesday.

The airline said it was placed in the on-board cargo areas of the two flights.

IndiGo said it was “the second airline in the world to have successfully delivered on-board cargo to Plasma”.

The Chief Executive Officer of IndiGo, Ronjoy Dutta said, “Creating the first air corridor in India to transport blood plasma can have a huge positive impact on the treatment of COVID-19 patients through plasma therapy”.