Pakistan team compromises to maintain fitness level during lockdown: Azhar Ali

Pakistan team compromises to maintain fitness level during lockdown: Azhar Ali

Pakistan Test captain Azhar Ali has said that during the lockdown phase the entire team entered into an agreement to maintain their fitness. As part of his remarks, 20 members of the Pakistan cricket team will travel to England to participate in three Tests and three T20Is. “We are happy now. The wait is over and cricket is starting again. There is so much excitement and hunger to play cricket. For a long time, we were not able to play cricket, a sport that we love the most. And it was the most difficult. Time, “ESPNCricinfo quoted Ali as saying.

“We have been going through a lot of challenges at home in the last few months. We are all in touch with each other on the WhatsApp group and have made an agreement that we have to maintain our fitness,” he said.

Pakistan has not played any form of competitive cricket as the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was halted due to the coronovirus epidemic.

“There were many people who built a gym at home, some had found a different place to keep it and made sure that we would have to maintain our physical fitness. Because we know that if we are in good shape , We can work on our skills at any time. To regain our momentum later, “said Ali.

“Now, we have a month in England to prepare and hopefully this is enough time to focus on skills and get back into our grooves,” he said.

The PCB initially planned to send a squad of 29 players to England, but ten players tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week.

On Saturday, PCB chief executive Wasim Khan announced that six of those ten players returned negative results when tested for the second time.

Therefore, as a result, 20 players and 11 support staff members will travel to England first. The remaining players would later join the team after the return of two negative tests.

Pakistan last played Test cricket against Bangladesh in February this year.

He was later scheduled to play the second Test in April, but the match was postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic