Rahul Gandhi calls Congress a no-win, letter-writer for 2024

Rahul Gandhi calls Congress a no-win, letter-writer for 2024

New Delhi

After two disastrous results in successive national elections, Rahul Gandhi may not be the best bet for the revival of the Congress Party, one of the 23 veterans who found themselves capturing their so-called dissent letters for the so-called Sonia Gandhi Have told, indicated that extravagance in the 135-year-old organization is far away.

“We are not in a position to say that Rahul Gandhi will be able to lead the party and help it achieve 400 seats in 2024. We should realize that the party has not been able in two Lok Sabha elections in 2014 and 2019. ” To get the necessary seats, ”said one of the letter’s key signatories, requesting not to be named.

In recent months, calls have been mounting for Rahul Gandhi’s return as Congress chief. Mr. Rahul Gandhi left after the defeat in the 2019 election and his mother Sonia Gandhi returned as interim chief two months later.

“From Nagpur to Shimla (in the northern part of the country), the party has 16 seats, eight of which are from Punjab. We should feel that we are in India and a different reality. If there is a meeting, I will . Keep your views on the issue, “the leader said, adding that it was instrumental in drafting and obtaining signatures.

Stating that the fight is not about individuals, but about issues, Rahul Gandhi reiterated his commitment to the party and said that helping Congress create an alternative narrative based on sound constitutional values ​​would help Congress.

According to him, most of the paper writers say that due to being in politics for a long time, they are committed to the party and have the highest respect for Sonia Gandhi. They say that the issues raised will help keep the party alive and succeed in taking on the BJP.

The leader said, Sonia Gandhi is impartial and keeps her point and will definitely address her issues.

Regarding whether he has been side-lined by the party’s new parliamentary line-up, letter-writers say a lot is being read into it. The committee was also present earlier and is the only new thing apart from Jairam Ramesh as Chief Whip; He said that P. Chidambaram would also be a part of the committee as chairman of the ordinance committee.

The letter-writers say they will continue to voice and discuss their concerns and are focused on attacking them and producing a narrative that, despite “loyalists and sycophants,” Rahul Gandhi is a Are natural leaders.

A group of Congress veterans in a stormy meeting on Monday targeted themselves to send letters for comprehensive reforms, fair internal elections and “full-time, visible leadership” that they sent to Sonia Gandhi, who served as interim chief After the resignation of his son Rahul Gandhi last year.

But at the end of the meeting with Sonia Gandhi after bitter attacks, accusations and splattery, she said that all were forgiven.

The party supported the Gandhi leadership and promised to promote Sonia and Rahul Gandhi at one point of time in the opposition’s fight against central government policies. The party said that Sonia Gandhi will remain the interim Congress chief until the All India Congress Committee (AICC) meets in six months.