“Rajasthan horse-trading rates have gone up”: Ashok Gehlot’s theory



Rates of “horse-trading” in Rajasthan have gone up after the announcement of the assembly session starting on 14 August, with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot taking a sarcasm at the Governor and BJP on Thursday.

“After the announcement of the assembly session last night, the horse-trading rates have increased. First, the first installment was Rs 10 crore and the second was Rs 15 crore. Now it has become unlimited and everyone knows that horse- Who is doing business., ”Mr. Gehlot told reporters.

His remarks suggest that the opposition BJP, which rules at the Center, and Governor Kalraj Mishra agreed to call an assembly session after rejecting three resolutions from the Chief Minister, who is eager to prove his majority and Are fueling the rebellion. By his former deputy Sachin Pilot.

Also targeting Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati for her statements against him, Gehlot accused the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister of acting on the BJP’s behest.

Mr. Gehlot said that his complaint is not justified.

The deadlock in calling the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly ended on Wednesday with Governor Kalraj Mishra for a session from 14 August.

A few hours after the announcement of the Raj Bhavan, the Ashok Gehlot cabinet sent a fourth proposal to the governor to call the Rajasthan assembly, stating a new date on 14 August.

The Chief Minister went beyond his jurisdiction, accusing the Governor of working under pressure from the BJP and blocking Cabinet proposals to help the party’s victim MLAs when he was led by some MLAs led by Sachin Pilot Battling open rebellion.

Mr. Gehlot has a narrow lead ahead of the majority mark of 101 in the 200-member Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. His emphasis for the assembly session is seen by the strong belief that he is well-positioned to win the confidence vote. This time.