“They Want To Silence The Nation”: Sonia Gandhi’s New Attack On Centre


New Delhi:

Divisive forces are spreading hatred in India, freedom of expression is at stake and the country is in a crisis that none of its founding fathers would have imagined, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said on Saturday.

“People who want people to fight, they are spreading the poison of hate in the country. Freedom of expression is in danger, democracy is being destroyed. They want the people of India, our tribals, women, youth to put their mouth Keep off. Vo desh ka kuh bandh rakhna chahte hain (they want to silence the country), “she said, speaking via video link at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Chhattisgarh Legislature.

None of our ancestors, including Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and BR Ambedkar, would have thought that our country would face such a difficult situation after 75 years of independence when our democracy and constitution are in danger.

Though he did not name the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress chief discussed the daily attacks against the central government, as well as issues in which state governments like the Center were not paid their dues and at one time in India Conducting entrance examination was included. Reporting the highest number of new coronoviruses in the world.

Alleging that the influence of “dictatorship” (dictatorship) on the country’s “lakhshahi” (democracy) is increasing, Mrs. Gandhi said, “Bad thinking is now dominating, freedom of expression is in danger and democratic institutions are in ruin Is happening. “

The Congress has maintained its alleged attacks on the government, even as it created uproar within the party that around two dozen senior leaders have expressed dissatisfaction over the way the party is run.

In recent days, with a senior leader directly responding to the remarks of the top leaders of the opposition party, the BJP has largely rejected the new Congress attacks.