“This is Total Nonsense, Will Punish IIT Bombay”, warns Supreme Court


New Delhi:

In a dramatic hearing on Wednesday afternoon, the Supreme Court warned IIT Bombay for contempt proceedings if it withdrew from a government project to install a “smog tower” to control air pollution in the national capital. Done through his intention to take.

In a strong rebuke, the court said it would “punish” the organization for exiting the project six months after the site visit by IIT Bombay and Tata Projects Ltd officials, and submitted a draft MoU to CPCB (Central Pollution Control) Was prepared by Board) in January.

“I cannot tolerate this nonsense. We will punish IIT Bombay and other officials for delay in court orders. How can they come back after six months? How can they come back from a government project? I can get their I will prepare a contempt case against him. ” “Justice Arun Mishra said.

Justice Mishra then reprimanded a helpless solicitor general, first demanding that he reply from IIT Bombay and first within 30 minutes and then within 15, before finally allowing the case to be listed tomorrow.

“Call IIT Bombay and we will hold a hearing within half an hour,” said the court, to which Mr Mehta replied: “How come IIT Bombay now? I don’t know anyone there”.

A tireless Justice Mishra then said: “This is total bullshit. We will give you 15 minutes”.

The Solicitor General said, “I can’t do it in 15 minutes. Give me 24 hours. Nothing will change in 24 hours. Your suzerainty, please put yourself in my position.”

“Then we will issue contempt. Why didn’t you reply to IIT Bombay’s letter. Why are you saving IIT Bombay? No, no, no, you cannot do that. IIT Bombay is already in contempt And now they are stepping back. Assurances too, “said a fiery Justice Mishra.

Finally, declaring himself “not happy with the state of affairs”, the court said “as per the solicitor general’s request, the case be listed tomorrow”.

The Solicitor General had earlier informed the court that despite the letter being written IIT Bombay had opted out of the project and that the government was in talks with IIT Delhi and NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute) to build the tower.

IIT Bombay wrote an email on 14 July in which the institution stated that it would not be able to accept the terms laid down in the MoU, such as taking responsibility for overall coordination and verification of the work to be done by Tata Power Limited.

A meeting was called a day earlier on that email, in which issues related to the project were discussed by the ministry with IIT Bombay and CPCB officials.

In December last year, the apex court gave the Center and the Delhi government three months to set up a smog tower at Connaught Place in Delhi. At that time, the Center had filed an affidavit stating that it would take at least six months to install the tower under the pilot project.

Senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, representing the Delhi government, said that about nine months would be required. An IIT professor at the time said that towers, including anti-smog guns, could only be possible by August 2020 at the earliest.

According to news agency PTI, an amount of Rs 18.52 crore has been approved for the project.

Smog towers are large-scale purifiers designed to reduce air pollution in surrounding areas.