Treat doctors who fought covid as “martyrs”: PM’s medical body

Treat doctors who fought covid as

New Delhi:

The Indian Medical Association has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that all the doctors who died from COVID-19 will be treated equally to the “martyrs” of the armed forces, and provide government jobs to their dependents to the best of their ability Will.

In the letter to the Prime Minister, the country’s largest body of doctors said that there is only one “inclusive national solution” for all doctors fighting the epidemic, who will provide justice for sacrificing their families while fighting the epidemic.

The IMA cited government statistics and said that 87,000 health workers were infected and 573 of them lost their lives due to COVID-19.

However, the Center has not officially released these figures.

Noting that the data has raised concerns across the country, the IMA said its data for doctors alone recorded 307 deaths and infected a total of 2,006. It states that 188 of the dead are general practitioners who are the first point of contact for people.

“Doctors suffer a high viral load and a high CFR (case fatality rate) as a community. The IMA is constrained to state that they could stay home safely during the pandemic. They followed the nation’s best traditions.” Opted to serve. Medical profession, “the letter said that 30 August.

The association said that in all fairness the government-approved solatium deserves the children of these “martyrs” for their partners in government services.

The IMA stated, “All doctors fighting this epidemic should treat the martyrs of the Indian Armed Forces equally and accept them appropriately. The surviving spouse should be provided a government job to the best of their ability.”

It also raised the issue that whatever solitium it was, it failed to reach the beneficiaries due to the inadequacy of the chosen instrument and “indifference”.

The IMA stated, “The plan has been reported to have ended. There is a need to rethink on merit and create a dedicated system for administration.”

A national plan to support “soldiers fighting a national pandemic” cannot be allowed to turn into just another strange benefit for government employees, it said.

In a letter to PM Modi, the IMA said, “We once again appeal for your goodness that such sacrifices by doctors should be accepted by the supreme office of the country.”

“We are also writing to you at this point because it is predicted that India will top the world in many respects in just a few weeks. Healthcare manpower is precious. Similar practices have to be put in place across the country,” it said . .

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The IMA said there was a substantial difference from district to district regarding how doctors and healthcare personnel were deployed. It has been claimed that the districts were not sensitive to the stress and fatigue of the security angle and medical manpower.

Noting that the nation is entitled to a radical approach to the situation, the IMA appealed to the Prime Minister to bring appropriate reforms from the government, stating that it was for a long time.